Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Exchange your four green houses with one red hotel

There are two basic categories for a hotel types, those are city hotel and the resort hotel. Several names related with the city hotel type, such as boutique hotel, and convention hotel. So with the resort hotel type that often called vacation houses, cottages, resort and spa, etc.

Hotel can be said as an advance investment in real estate, because we have to gain severe relevant background and related knowledge to maintain in this building. You have to remember this monopoly principle: “exchange your four green houses with one red hotel”. This four green houses can be related with our own assets to have, that has to be the positive income for us. In planning and designing a hotel context, hotel is an accommodation building to be built in the city center, or in the relevant places such as recreational and vacation places.

From the building form, there are two categories related with a hotel, those are single building, building with one single building to accommodate every activities related inside, and complex mass buildings, those are hotels with partition arrangement of the building mass, including the facility inside.

From the building design, there are two basic categories delivered with hotel, those are built with modern architecture style and classic one. The modern architecture hotel often built with modern materials inside, such as Trump Tower or Ciputra Semarang Hotel, and several with the classic architecture style comes from beautiful classic ornaments like in amsterdam hotels, athens hotels, greece hotels, and prague hotels. Consider that which one comes within your mind, it should be a positive investment ahead. Picture: poolside of Trump Hotel, article edited from the book: wicaksono, andie, "Powering Real Estate Investment", Info comes from cheaperthanhotel.co.uk and several related literatures.