Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is the Ciputra Hotel, Semarang. As it names, this building’s function is a hotel, and combining with the mall inside. Located in the downtown of Semarang City, that building becomes one of the most recent visiting places by Semarang citizen. From jalan Pahlawan to the city center, Ciputra Hotel has just creates a nice setback with the Simpang Lima court located in front of it. Designing with the post-modern style, this building has shading canopies to prevent the radiation of direct sun light into the rooms. Post modern architecture is one of the suitable styles to be adopted in Indonesia, a tropical region. I was recently visiting this building several times, because I had been a member of SBEC cardholder. Just move inside, and you will se a lot of leakage in the roof. I thought that this building is not well maintains. So that with the cracking in the structure. This is not good for the corporate image. They should do better than that!

Design: **** (nice combination with the wheater)

Materials: * (o-ow, it was cracking!)

Publications: **** (already famous before)