Thursday, January 31, 2008

Summer Olympics stadium complex , Tokyo

This is the great job doing by masterbuilder Kenzo Tange, the famous Japanesse architect, called The Summer Summer Olympics stadium complex, Tokyo. When we look it from the top, we can see that the architecture design of this building is like a stringray fish form. Read what Pritzker Prize citation for this building: “among the most beautiful buildings of the 20th century”. Masterpiece design, handled by brilliant maestro.

We already know Kenzo Tange was very experienced with structure, and so with this high tech architecture style. A lot of steel frame in the roof had been attached into one solid structural main core, formed and combined to be a unique sculpture. Tange used the main core as a vocal point, and then he stretched every single line at the bottom of it, to be like standing a camp. The used of steel blue color in the skin makes this building looks like tougher, matched with its surrounding environment. Tange liked to use exposed structures in his design, and so with this one. The material consist of many structural skin, combined into one form to be like a giant vocal point. Andie wicaksono article. © 2008. (picture from

Just one word, in my opinion: “creativity can emerge your wildest dream”

Design concept: ***** (I am jealous)

Materials : ***** (two thumbs up!, bravo!)

Publications: ***** (the legendary for both, for the architect, and the architecture)


bisdakbabbles said...

amazing! I wish I could see that when I have the chance to go to Tokyo.

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