Sunday, September 23, 2007

Trump Tower-Chicago

Located in downtown Chicago, this Trump Tower Chicago will be the second tallest skycrapper behind the Search Tower. As it names, this building is used to be developed by the famed Donald Trump. It will be finished in 2009. See the picture below. This building design deliver setback to give it a visual continuity with the surrounding skyline. The origin of the idea was combining three rectangular masses into one piece of mass. Trump is able to do a mixture between his building’s location and the environment beside. He combines a solid shape with the water element. The waterfront area in front of that building has just creates a beautiful landscape toward the view to site. The next step, he thinks about vocal point. His building should be the most interesting vocal point at all. So, then, he choose a large glasses material to cover the skin of the building. Nice creation! Most of all, this building have a nice figure to stand in downtown Chicago, to be one of the interesting vocal points of view.

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Design: **** (this is good)

Materials: ***** (the luxurious one!)

Publications: ***** (well done!)