Monday, January 21, 2008

How save is your construction work?

There are a lot of common issues today related with the safety of construction works. Frank Gehry, one of the famous celebrity architect that being sued by MIT for his fatal design (see article related), the roof of the mangkang terminal construction that just collapse down and bring down 15 of its workers to the hospital (see attached article), and so on. As one of the main contractor here, I’ve already found that there are a lot of factors those can made these things happen, such as mismanagement of the project, low quality of the materials you have used, or even from the wrong design building placed there, or even, you choose the wrong architect for those project.

I just can hope that we -for every people related with the constructions field, the architects, contractors, interior designers, the project managers- always taking care of our works, because it just related with your reputations. Do not degrade the quality, nor with minimize materials you should have to be place. It will bring down your reputations, and people won’t use you again next if you do them. For the designers, do your job well, just like of what Kenzo Tange done, always preserve your design with surround environment, do not be over confidence, and always gather the consolidation and supervise the details in the field, so this embarrassing moment won’t be happen again. The construction works should always save for everyone, from the beginning of the project until the operation. Picture from yahoo and related media.


Riyanto said...

You has a great post for all designer to be carefully when they start making the principal construction design...Salutt..