Sunday, January 6, 2008

Get connected with designer products

Thank you for the innovation of online network, because now designers can get connected with thousand of online product manager like designer pages. This is one of the good news because now architects and interior designers can save time to hunt products and materials. Hunting desired products can be pain, and usually takes more times and money to spend. With this online product manager, we can choose which products those we want to include in our projects and which ones are not. It cut off a lot of times. If we still unsure, whether we will include these products or materials in our projects or not, we can save it for a while in their workspace. It is more than a trade directory; it’s a live community of people working together. Look at the sample designer products below, a partition product, made from glasses and metal, manufactured by Haworth. This partition will be stored online in this product manager databases.

Designer Pages is the architecture and design trade's online connection to the latest design products. They collaborative community bridges, the gap between designers and suppliers so that professionals can spend less time product hunting and more time on their craft. Suppliers will post and maintain all product listings, and designers can save a product, add it to a workspace, share it with colleagues and request more information directly form the supplier. This is a good sample of project management for architects. Review from