Monday, December 17, 2007

King Abdullah International Garden (KAIG) Projects, Saudi Arabia

This is the miracle job doing by Saudi Arabia. Known by the large dry dessert land there, was not a problem casts the magic-spell avadakedabra to change the dessert to be an oase. See what did with the headline there: “Hailed as one of the new 'seven wonders of the world' the King Abdullah International Gardens (KAIG) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a vast futuristic botanical garden and leisure complex of 160ha, which is to be constructed in the desert just outside the Saudi capital”. Each of the specialist environments in the gardens will allow visitors to travel through a period of time and actually recreates some pre-existing ecosystems based on actual environments which would have occurred on the site throughout time.

The gardens, as an architecture symbol there will also provide much more than a botanical history with facilities to show visitors to tour with the beauty of the world around them and what they can do to preserve it. The gardens three goals are to inform, to educate and to entertain. Nick Sweet is the project director and partner in charge of urban design at the Barton Willmore London. Barton Willmore as architects undertake the $170m project in a joint venture with civil engineers Buro Happold, sustainable development design group Emergy and the Natural History Museum (the Eden Project are also acting as advisors). Andie said, as a designer, architect, two thumbs up for this KAIG Design, well also with the concept to change the dessert to be an oase. Like the other famous Burj al Arab or the Burj Tower from middle east country, I think money is not the problem here. From the materials and publications, every line of aspects are well maintained. The promotion goes well like the design and the structure materials. Pictures from

Design concept: *****(five stars, two thumbs up!)

Materials : ***** (nice elements!)

Publications: ***** (already famous)


Rick Marnon, Howell said...

That looks unreal. I live in Michigan, so you can imagine that the best thing here is pretty much nothing compared to places that are warm year round.

andieawicaksono said...

Yes Rick, thats why they call it a miracle of the world. Change a dessert to be the oase... :)