Friday, September 7, 2007

Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai

Yes, you are right, it’s the world’s most famous building nowadays, called : burj-al-arab, dubai. This skycrapper building is a hotel, actually. Look at the picture. How beautiful this building. Designed by the famous architect group, Atkins, I think it was inspired by a wind ship. The stage leveling rooms can be figured as the layer, and constructed with large cylindrical column, made from metal materials. Dubai should be proud to have this phenomenal project ahead. The constructing materials, the shade, also the building covers made from glasses material, its perfect! Salute to the architects, it’s a nice project, brothers! The owner also support its famous. Nice taste, nice building, I think.

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Design concept: *****(five stars, bravo!)

Materials : ***** (nice elements!)

Publications: **** (that was a nice presentation!)