Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vina's House-Semarang

What do you trying to do, Mr. Architect?? This is Vina’s House building, in Semarang, Indonesia. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think that the architect of this building try to get all of the building style, mix it in a touch, and…. Tadaaa…. Not working! :-P Look at the picture below, I analyze that this architect try to get a glamorous style by providing a large sculptural columns in the facade, combine it with a classic colonial style that I can see from the ornamental windows, and in the last work, he tries to put some modern mixture in it, see it from the curve large glaze windows. That’s terrible…! It doesn’t make sense even when you try to provide it with good materials inside. From all of the buildings I include in this blog, I vote for you! In the bottom place, hahaha!

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Design: - (worst!)

Materials: ** (It does not make sense to Me!)

Publications: * (so…so…)