Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chicago Sphire - US

This will be a lighthouse project in US today. When it will be finished in 2010, The Chicago Spire will be constructed over 2.000 feet ahead of the sky. The architect, Santiago Calatrava from Spain, might be inspired by a "drill", hahaha… It should be a cone shape, right Mr. Calatrava? Again, I thought that he spins that cone, and draw it as a building. But that’s okay, considering it will become the tallest building in North America. Taller than Sears Tower and Freedom Tower. I like this building, especially from it’s structure. Yes I know, the cone shape is the most suitable shape for a skycraper. I just wondering how will be the structure looks like, but sure, it will cost you a lot.

From material side, I think that there is a good choice between design, color, and the glazing materials. The dark gray color seems became a nice and mutual relationship to combine with blue glasses covering the skin. Overall, it’s a nice project ahead, Dude!

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Design: **** (this is good)
Materials: ***** (nice job!)
Publications: ***** (well done!)