Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ruko Tong Hien - Semarang

Today, I want to make a critic about ruko building, what is ruko: ruko, from Indonesia language means "Rumah and Toko", a house, and a store. It is a differenciation from its functions. What so special about this Ruko building? In Indonesia, ruko usually located on the strategic place. About The architecture, nothing special, just a square flat and bulky building. Look at the picture, I take this picture when I was doing a research for my thesis database. This is Ruko Tong-Hien, located in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java. It was build in around 1980's I think. There are complex of activities here, banking, photo studio, etc. I don't know who build this, but in my opinion, they should more consider about aesthetics aspect, not just it's function. Yuks! This building mass is terrible, Bulk, flattered fascade, no aesthetics aspect beside! From its material, that was not help. Just place the metal elements around the fascade? That's not good at all. Picture courtesy of
Design: * (need architect, dude?)

Materials: ** (more combinations with the fascade, please...)

Publications: ** (well known already)


titus said...

the ruko just near by Tong Hien not "Ruko Tong Hien" i think