Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shard Building-London

This is the genius architect made. Yes, this is one of Renzo Piano’s masterpiece, The Shard London Bridge, UK. This building definitely will become the tallest one in London when it will be finished in 2009. This is just like a glass pyramid, no more. So what is the different? I think you should consider of London City, what is the cityscape looks like? Bulkie rectangular buildings anywhere. See the image below, Renzo’s concept will be nothing more than creating a difference, a sculptural shape between the flat pattern. So, it will be a focal point between the cityscape, considering it’s height. And I think it works! I like this building’s concept. That’s one of urban designer creations. The building design, nothing’s special. The glazing materials, same for me. From the market side, gain famous by Renzo’s was good, and overall, that was a good presentation. Good job! (picture courtesy of

Design concept: ***(three stars, not bad!)

Materials : *** (not bad!)

Publications: **** (good presentation!)