Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gazprom Tower-Russia

Russian Girls, what is your opinion? You already know it from the movies, right? Mmmm, I agree, they always have been figured as: "mature, sexy, cold, and…, what? Killer? Hahaha, you!" Yes, this Gazprom Tower, ST. Petersburg, Russia can be figured as their Russian Girl. The image for this building is: "mature, sexy, cold, but no, its not the killer one", hehehe…. This is a tall lighthouse project from Russia, build in 300m height, designed by 'RMJM' Architect team, UK. 'Sexy': Just look at the picture, the shape, sexy, isn’t it? Just like the shape of a woman body, fyuh! 'Mature': The concept, I think they delivered it well. Joining waterfront element with a tall sculptural design, it’s mature. As always, I love mature woman, so what is the big deal? Hohoho….. 'Cold': the glazing steel like material makes this building became pretty cold, just like: an 'ice cream', mmmm, slurp! Yummy..! :P Well, already controversial, that’s a good way to gain your popularity, right! Success for the Team!

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Design concept: ***(three stars, not bad!)
Materials : ***** (nice elements!)
Publications: *** (a lot of informations and news, but no website?)