Tuesday, September 4, 2007



The architecture concept of this building is great, I have read the advertisement about it in kompas newspaper, explaining that the idea of this building comes from the elastic rubber that have been melting to be U shape. This building mass located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It was created by Atkins Architect, famous architect team that also created the phenomenal “Burj-Al-Arab” Hotel in Dubai. I like this building for its design and the concept. It seems like this building comes from a lot of glazing material like glasses and metals. I am wonder because Indonesia is a tropical region, would it be restrain with the weather in here? The shape, its nice..! I am proud to be Indonesian people, if this building has already build.

The ashame, like The Lumos, I cannot search about it advertisement. Seems like they do not give the detail marketing in internet site. Too bad!


Design concept: *****(five stars, bravo!)

Materials : *** (three star, not bad)

Publications: * (more publication, please!)

umm, i change the critics, i've just found their sites: www.regattajakarta.com

see ahead!