Monday, September 3, 2007

The Lumos Apartment

The Lumos-Critics

The architecture concept of this building is great, I have read the advertisement about it in kompas newspaper, explaining that the idea of this building comes from the hanging ornamental decoration lamps. This building is an apartement spaces, located in Singapore. I like this building for its design and the materials. It seems like this building comes from a lot of glazing material like glasses and metals. The shape, its sexy one..!

Thats too bad that its not well publicated, when I googling to search this building, I entry the keyword:"lumos", and tadaaa, it comes "lumos" from Harry Potter magic. Hahahaha! LOL!


Design concept: *****(five stars, bravo!)

Materials : **** (four star, that’s good!)

Publications: *(one star, sucks!)