Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lighthouse Tower-Paris

Tom Mayne is absolutely a great architect nowadays. This is one of Tom Mayne’s design, Lighthouse Tower, Paris, France. I think the design is a little bit unusual, what is your inspired by Tom? A Concorde? Hahaha… But I must admit that it was a nice figure, nice shape (the sexiest one, I think!) . I was read from citybloc.com that it is an eco friendly design, hmm? From what, the materials, perhaps? Ummm, let’s see, that’s why you choose the shell structure inside, of mix with the white color that can make it more like a statue. More over, my opinion for this building is: Sexy. From the shape, from the coloring, it will be a great mix with Paris, right? The romantic city.
Nonono, I search in google, why it comes with also lighthouse tower in Dubai? Hmm, that’s not good for your public presentation. Give me more ads for it, please!
Picture courtesy of cityblog.com
Design concept: *****(five stars, bravo!)
Materials : *** (three star, not bad)
Publications: * (more publication, please!)


Shannon Stovell said...

I think this design looks like a Kapok Tree (Ceiba pentandra) at the base. Maybe in the future we will be living inside trees again. "Lighthouse Tower-Paris"!