Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Museum of Human Rights - Canada

This is the Museum of Human Right, designed by Antoine Predock, built in Winnipeg, Canada. This building will be open in 2009. I read from news and literatures that there are several reason why this project has been held in Canada, because this city has some history about human right struggle, a meeting place, gateway to the west, and so on.

This building has unique architecture, look at the picture below. What do you think about the design ? a half rounded ball? Maybe, but in my eyes, that just looks like a helmet. A roman soldier helmet just like in asterix-obelix movies. Yes, the ones that collected by Obelix when he just throw back the soldier up above the sky! Phew! Thumb! hihihi… I don’t know what comes by in Predock’s head, but, this glazing covered building seems to be like that. The unique one, I think he created it by covering the glazing layers one by one. It seems like the glass in this Museum’s skin have to be constructed very carefully. That should be a nice element when combining together, the glass and metals materials element. A good work for Mr. Predock, salute for this project!

Picture courtesy of citybloc.com

Design: ***** (the unique one, I like it!)

Materials: ***** (that’s a nice combination)

Publications: ***** (good work, a lot of info ahead!)