Saturday, September 8, 2007

Exclusive Report on Regatta Jakarta

Yes, they have topping it off! One of the most beautiful building in Jakarta, just begin their construction. I hope the progress will be well maintained. Intiland Development seems like handling this seriously. Designed by Tom Wright, one of the Atkins team –they also design the Burj-al Arab, Dubai, they provide waterfront living concept in their mainstream. The first stage, four building, scheduled to be finished by 2008. Just look at the picture, beautiful isn’t it?
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This picture is the night view of regatta. Waterfront architecture. They said that the view from the building will be the direction of the five oceans, wow!!

Atkins seems like inspired by a glue, or a rubber tire, maybe? Hahaha….. Lets hope it just deserved well, what I mean is that they should also maintained it well, like of what they preserve the design.