Thursday, April 3, 2008

Guide for designer to sell online

For people who work in creative fields, there are always a little difficult to sell or spread a business, because there just a little bit of method that teaches engineer and designer to deliver our talent in business at the college. This can be a little obstacle because when we finish study there, we don’t know where to start our business.

Set up your business with “niche market”, that means you have to target your costumer in a little bit different way from what the usual way people sell. Take an example, if you like to design web, you can sell your idea to sell a web design service. But today, web design service looks like just become a common business, so instead of compete with other big corporate in web design service, you can sell your idea in a different way, create a company which sell a logo design service, this is not a common business service.

If you like to design a consumer art, build an online store, and sell t-shirt or hat there, but don’t sell a usual t-shirt or hat. Try to be specific, sell the vintage t-shirt, or underground hat. Paint the t-shirt with airbrush so it looks like graffiti art style, that just different from what the usual offer for t-shirt today. You can build your online store using ecommerce software. Browse the internet, search for the suitable software for design store, and pick up the one with shopping cart software.