Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the art of designing a fast website

In my latest post before, I noticed that internet is one of the alternative media to promote your products or brand. Design your site in a good appearance, so people will like to come and visit your website many times and appreciate it well. In order to manage a good internet site, we have to maintain the development of this site constantly.

Design a website is just like designing a house. The better your house design, the better value you will gain. The better your website performance, the better profit you will gain. The architecture of your website has to be simple, tidy, and can be access. People like to surf from web to web, or do blog walking between sites in fast connection, and of course, people hate the slow access to a website.

Speaking about time to access your website, there are a lot of aspect can make effect on your web time access, those are depend on the internet connection speed they use to access your website, the web design and layout itself, and the from your hosting provider itself. The combination between designing a clean internet site, and the hosting provider will make your web time access faster. So, remove all the not needed stuffs from your space. And the last, make sure you already pick up the best web hosting service.


Anonymous said...

Hai met kenal! Blognya bagus!
Ssst....pingin ngeklik dapat duit??
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