Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bryan Berg The Cards Constructor

This is the unique way to be creative. Like Bryan Berg has done, this celebrities spends much of his life in creating house of cards. News from CNN said that Berg, the Guinness World Record-honored "Cardstacker," has devoted his career to building houses of playing cards -- and skyscrapers, domes, cathedrals and stadiums, too.
Berg does not use glue, tape or any other tricks to keep these card houses standing. That's what makes Berg's creations so jaw-dropping when people see them.
Berg latest achievement, which took about a month to build, is a record-setting skyscraper that stands 25 feet 9 7/16 inches tall. That tops the previous world record of 25 feet 3 inches, held also by Berg. The Iowa native, who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has been breaking world records for 15 years.
Berg isn't the only person who knows how to turn kings, queens and aces into floors, walls and roofs. He says people send him photos of their card creations all the time.
They may be learning the tricks of the trade from the master himself. Berg says he doesn't keep his card-stacking methods a secret. Indeed, he's revealed his techniques in a book, "Stacking the Deck: Secrets of the World's Master Card Architect."
Berg says he builds his card houses using a very methodical system. He doesn't randomly place cards here or there. He visualizes the structure and builds it using a type of repetitive geometry that resembles a honeycomb.
Berg's card stacking began at age 8 when he would watch his grandfather play cards. His grandfather wasn't an accomplished card stacker, only a card player. Still, Berg watched him build houses with a single deck of cards between games. Berg took up building card houses as one of his first hobbies.
In 1992, before he graduated from high school, Berg already had his first Guinness World Record for the tallest house of cards. He's held that record continuously since then. In 2004, he added a new Guinness World Record to his resume: world's largest card structure. Guinness created the category when Berg built a replica of Cinderella's Castle for Walt Disney World.
Berg first experimented with card houses at age 8 at his family's farm in Spirit Lake, Iowa. During a high school snow day he discovered a new technique, building using a honeycomb lattice rather than by leaning cards against each other, that allowed him to build large structures.
As an architect, Berg is possibly the only person in the world to make a full-time living stacking cards. Berg earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Iowa State University in 1997, and served on the design faculty there for three years. In 2004, Berg earned his Master of Design Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (news and picture from yahoo, data from wiki).


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