Monday, July 7, 2008

Entrecard TIPS for Dummies

Entrecard, a new free advertising exchange network where users can advertise their own card ad on any blog in the wntrecard network for free for a certain number of days. Ads are paid for through credits that users earn by visiting other blogs in the network and dropping off their "cards" at those blogs through entrecard widget, which appears on every participating blog in the network, The currencies of entrecard credit called “ec”. It’s fun to use, and also, it can gain traffic to our blogs or websites.

So if you are already in entrecard network, and seems like just a few visitors go up to your blogs, What should you do next to gain those traffic?

1. Don’t be lazy

Visitor drop cards to your blog because they already visit it, so, they are also hope that you also visit their blogs back. Don’t be lazy, and visit back to their blogs. It will be annoying if we always be a visitors, right? So, we also hope that we can be the home owner. That’s why the entrecard users always said: “You drop, I vollow!”. If you are new to entrecard, then what about try to visit your friends there?

2. Create proper image banner

I dont said, create a good banner, but proper image banner. Even if you are already set up the design of your banner with beautiful image, but, if they are not related with your blog, then it is a disaster. For example if your blog is about money, and you design the banner with sensual celebrities image, yes it can tricked your visitor for once or twice, but let’s see in the long term, they will count your blog out for visit.

3. Put your blog in proper categories and tags

This is also need a long term relationship. You have to put your blog in proper categories to reach the proper audience and regular visit. Let say if you had a money related blog, but you put that blog on graphic design blog to attract more visitors. Yes, it may also can trick your visitor for a while, but, as i said, let’s see in the long term, count me out to visit those blog.

4. MISS your blog

MISS means= Make It Simple Stupid. Yes we already hear those slogans many times, but, we often forgot to apply it in our website or blog. I often visiting some blogs, with lots of graphic images or widgets, yes they are beautiful, but it can slow down my internet connections, and cost at my bandwith. I’m a bit lazy to visit those kind of blogs. How bout you?

So, Make It Simple Stupid! Reduce lots of graphic images at your blogs. Throw down that unusefull widgets to your recycle bin. The last is about your post, make it just about 1-4 post in there. (I already redesign this blog and now you can see that it only contain one post in the main page, yea, I like my new blog design very much now! :P) I even visit one of the ec members blog which has 27 post in the front url, and they show those posts at once. Howdy, what a crap! I cannot read it one by one, so, i just shut down those blog immediately. In wordpress, or with several template trick, the post can be cut in the where positions you like. Use that to make your blog looks simpler. That’s all folks, happy card drop!

Andie wicaksono, architect, graphic artist


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the tips (^_^)
although i'm not a dummy hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Nice tips. Thank you.

kotaberita said...

wow, i didn't realize that before, thanks for the tips, Sir!

tour-guide said...

yes I already forgot those MISS or KISS before, I just keep blogging and blogging all the time. Thanks for remind! ^^

cutepreggie said...

Im just new in ec, and this is a good tips! thanks for share!

adipt said...

how are you bro?

seen you at jak-tv few weeks ago. just drop by to say hi!