Thursday, May 8, 2008

Find anything and everything: The new revolution for online shopping

I continued my article about guide for designer to sell online. If you like to design a consumer art, build an online store, and sell t-shirt or hat. And now, when you have stated your business categories, launched your first business, what next you have to do? Of course, you have to promote those products. One of the ways to promote your business is the internet. But unfortunately, many sites told that you have to paid for your placement. Traditional shopping sites will only show you stores that have PAID for placement. Not with Shopwiki. It will give a shopper everything. Of course you have to maintain your budget well. Do not spend your advertisement budget on paid placement. Try to search other sites that free, like ShopWiki. ShopWiki revolutionizes online shopping, since it finds every store on the internet by crawling. So, you can promote your store, and maintain your advertisement budget there.

Here is the example: if you produce t-shirt, then you can go to the clothing page. Here we can see that shopwiki refer to some categories there, clothing for women, clothing for men, accessories, children’s clothing, and clothing for sport. Next, let’s see if we go to the clothing for women, you can find some featured articles (ex. seasonal forecast), following the trend, designer fashions, or shop by item. There are also a lot of categories beside clothing, like gift guides, accessories, health and beauty, home and garden, computer and software, electronics, to Video Games category that contain a lot of information about video games products, like Xbox 360. So, let’s find anything and everything, with the new revolution for online shopping.