Monday, March 17, 2008

The Arrangement of an Exhibition Lay-out

Today, event is one of the ways to promote your company’s brand and increase the sales of your products. Whatever your products are, goods or services, consider follow some events held by the local or national event organizer, those are usually held inside the shopping malls or exhibition buildings. Like the name, the word ‘exhibition’ comes from the words ‘to exhibit’, ‘to come’, because there the event organizer want to invite a lot of people to come around to those place, so that the organizer will try to design that place to become more interesting and attractive so that it will increase costumers’ buying mood there.

As professionals related with the design and creative world, an architect or a designer should know a lot of aspects regarding to the arrangement of this exhibition events, because this is one of the key to create a successful event or exhibition. There are two main aspects related with this arrangement, one is the lay-out and the second is the combinations between arrangement of the products and the spaces to display them. We, designers, deal with tiny spaces, just between 2x4 meter square and even less. If we place or display the products there in the wrong way, this will be a total disaster, so, we have to be fully aware about the details there.

Merge the theme of the products you will display with the lay-out theme, in example, mix up ‘modern’ (the theme) and luxurious cars (as the products) with the lavish setting (as the lay-out theme) in your display space. A widely range of varieties can be found in arranging this trade show displays. The placement of truss, or banner stands as decorative elements, can be one of good ways to create an attractive focal point. Whatever the tools you include, you need to create a nice arrangement between the above mentioned elements for a successful exhibition.