Friday, February 22, 2008

New Zealand Architecture and Lifestyle, great place to a romantic destination

The architecture of the buildings in New Zealand looks different from buildings in Britain, or even nearby Australia. In the early of the modern age, the architects there seems creating their own way of designing a modern building, while New Zealand's architects of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century are better seen as working within an architectural tradition that spanned the world and as producing notable buildings within that tradition. Buildings in New Zealand create a unique atmosphere, especially for those who may concern with the architecture of unique buildings. The use of timber for buildings in the Gothic style gave New Zealand with the finest buildings, like the example of Old St Paul's in Wellington.

Fantastic urban panoramas can be found at Nugget Point Lighthouse, the top of Mount Eden, One Tree Hill in Auckland, Mount Victoria in Wellington, the top of the Port Hills in Christchurch and Flagstaff Hill in Dunedin. Hamner spring thermal, the natural place where we can enjoy the hot water there is also notable as a romantic place for a couple to visit. New Zealand's forests were inhabited by a diverse range of unique faunas, like the kakapo, the flightless moas (now extinct), four species of kiwi, and the takahē, all endangered by human actions. Unique birds and reptiles also can be found in New Zealand.

Furthermore, in the downtown area, The Ellerslie International Flower Show is also going to be very exciting place to create a wonderful event in such a beautiful city. This place is overwhelmed by the fantastic support from the local horticultural industry, as well as the general public place. Enjoy sightseeing and shopping around the local stores there in Wellington Lambtonquay. The Futuna Chapel, Govett Brewser gallery and Robert McDougal gallery are there between the most enjoyable places to visit.

New Zealand is a popular destination for a number of countries in Asia and worldwide. New Zealand was also said as one of the best overseas holiday destination, like from Cheaperthanhotels NZ or The Daily Telegraph poll. There are several city hotels there in New Zealand, which could be used as a starting point in conjunction with a tourist visit to the incredible landscapes, like Rotorua Hotels, Dunedin Hotels, Taupo Hotels, Napier Hotels, and Hamilton Hotels.