Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trump Tower-Dubai

The man with the strange hair do it again! This is the Donald’s hand in gulf region, the luxurious Palm Trump International Hotel and Tower, Dubai. Constructed in 48 storey, this building project will be finished in 2009. The development of Palm Trump International Hotel and Tower was supported with signature roof top restaurants, boutiques, fine dining, and also spa and health club. From the design, I salute for this project. They said that the concept of this building design was coming from a tulipe blossom, but in my opinion, this glamorous building design describing a boat. Why is the most phenomenal skycrappers today describing their concept as a boat? Remember the Burj-al Arab that I have been critisize before? Yes, it looks like similar. Not mentioning that this is a benchmarking, but it just like a new trend for architectural design today, makes your building like a boat, and it will be the phenomenal one! Hahaha…. I see most of Trump’s in it, the design, the glamorous shading glasses material covering the skin, just one word ahead, a-la Trump! Yes, it is well known, Trump’s style in marketing his project. A well maintain building. By the way, I still curious about Trump’s expansion in gulf area, is it some kind of fishy and oily project? Not at all. In short description, I consider that Dubai is just become one of the attractive travel destinations today. This is one of Trump’s destinations.

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Design: **** (this is good)

Materials: ***** (the luxurious one!)

Publications: ***** (well done!)