Sunday, June 3, 2007


BOOK#4: Menata Interior Sesuai Fengshui (3rd edition)

Index Serial Book Number : 979-26-3616-4

Price : IDR 27.000,-

Author : Andie Wicaksono

Publisher : Griya Kreasi (Penebar Swadaya)

Designing interior lay-out with fengshui can be profitable with some good and logical reasons. What are those reasons can we learn, so we can see fengshui that is not just from a myth, or a legend?

This book containing several useful references, those are:

  • Simplify arrange your interior layout, family room, bedroom, kitchen, office space, storage area and dinner room with basic and logical fengshui concept.

  • Detail arrangement of a main gate, pool, water element, stairs, esthetical ornament, vegetation and furniture with basic and logical fengshui concept.

Find it in MENATA INTERIOR SESUAI FENGSHUI book, published by Griya Kreasi ISBN : 979-26-3616-4, with IDR 27.000,- price, and apply it to your beloved home, now!

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