Sunday, June 3, 2007


BOOK#1: Logiskah Fengshui

Index Serial Book Number : 979-661-071-X

Price : IDR. 29.500,-

Author : Andie Wicaksono

Publisher : Griya Kreasi (Penebar Swadaya)

The arrangement of bedroom like that can make you become ill and losing prosperity”, or “with those main gate position, burglar or thief can easily enter your home”… Those are some words usually be heard often talking about this fengshui word.

In this “Logiskah Fengshui” book, published by PT. Trubus Agriwidya (ISBN: 979-661-071-X), we will be provided with some basic principle of fengshui.
Why people became so scared, or why people became irresistable with fengshui, or maybe even believe it as a faith.
This 29.500 IDR LOGISKAH FENGSHUI book is very useful for you as a dynamic and open minded person, especially to add your knowledge in fengshui world.

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